The smart home now

learns your habits

Without dedicated infrastructure,

without costly installing and setting up.

The VIKI Knows system was launched on the market in 2017. Stay up to date with all the news of this project by visiting the dedicated website

VIKI – The Smart Home System that Learns Your Daily Habits!


VIKI is more than an intelligent home automation system, it is a system that learns, becoming through these functions a “virtual butler” of the  house.


The home of the future is the house that knows what music you like and your favorite TV channels, it knows to lit the light in the reading corner when you are there, knows what temperature it should be in when you arrive home, as well as the time when you wake up.   The main feature of the project is the possibility of implementation without dedicated wiring, relying solely on wireless technology, everything being controlled via a tablet or smartphone. The house of the future effectively manages the lighting, heating, ventilation, humidity, it knows the weather outside and how it will be when you come back from work; when leaving the house, it warns you that you should dress warmer than usual; it takes care of the irrigation of the flowers and lawn, the daily agenda and the safety of its inhabitants.


About the benefits and the functionalities  of installing a smart home solution in your home you can learn more on the dedicated page: