We offer to our customers

the professional technology used

by radio stations for providing

their business the right

audio environment.

Every business manager is aware of the fact that the music has a major importance on his clients, whether we are talking about a store (large or small), a restaurant, a pharmacy, a clinic, a spa or a gym. However, few ask themselves: is the music that we are playing suitable for the location?

What Q InStore Radio is?

An ambiental audio system for your business which includes:

● a custom – made playlist according to the specific of your business and the targeted customers

● a number of 600 to 1200 phonograms, carefully selected and acoustic normalized for fluency and minimum repetability

● playlist monthly update, which generates a different playlist for evey day, thus offering a constantly evolving musical selection

● The possibility of broadcasting your own jingles and spots, or those of your suppliers

● UPFR lincesed music

● StudioQ – Romania n1 radio broadcasting software for music playing

How does Q InStore Radio works?

Depending on the business specificity and the number of locations you can choose between the 3 implementation modalities:

Q InStore Computer – recommended for supermarkets and shopping centers. This version provides for every location a computer which comes with a lincensed musical player and a custom playlist. The great advantage of choosing this solution is that you can broadcast different spots for different locations.

Qberry – recommended for shops, restaurants and pharmacies. Due to its small dimensions, aproximatively the size of a palm, Qberry is the player that can be easily integrated into the ambient and design of any locations. Without the need for a permanent connection to the Internet, just periodically when we performe the playlist update, the small player is meant to enchant your customers ears.

Q InStore Radio dedicated stream – recommended for the businesses with more than 10 locations. Basically you can have your own radio station with the music that your customers and your employees enjoy. An online radio stream that can be accessed directly from the computers in the location and only broadcasts your spots, not those of your competitors.

What is the playlist genre that best suits my business?

When we recommend a particular music genre we take into account not only the specificity of the business and the targeted customer, but also what is the music that you and your employees enjoy, in order to create the perfect ambience and the playlist to express the brand values. Hit the play button for the playlists proposals at the begining of the page, or if you have specific preferences contact us.

The complete solutions and services of the Q InStore Radio are used by SELGROS CASH & CARRY Romania, Polus Center Cluj, SORA Shopping Center, Coresi Shopping Resort, Otter, CityGrill etc.
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